SDK Deprecation Policy

SDK versions are valid for two years after the release date.

  • Outside of the two-year window, ad serving is not guaranteed. Publishers are recommended to upgrade to the latest version of the SDK regularly.
  • SDK versions older than two years may still operate if the revenue volume is significant but efforts will be made to move developers to newer SDKs.
  • Once the revenue is below 1%, any SDK versions that meet the deprecation policy may be disabled at the discretion of the ad server team.

Officially deprecated SDKs will not return any ads. These SDK versions will be denoted below with a strikethrough.

Chartboost Android SDKRelease DateDeprecation Date
Version 9.4.12023-08-142025-09-01
Version 9.4.02023-07-182025-08-01
Version 9.3.12023-05-252025-06-01
Version 9.3.02023-05-032025-06-01
Version 9.2.12023-02-242025-03-01
Version 9.2.02023-01-312025-02-01
Version 9.1.12022-10-192024-11-01
Version 9.1.02022-09-222024-10-01
Version 9.0.02022-07-122024-08-01
Version 8.4.32022-05-062024-06-01
Version 8.4.22022-04-042023-05-01
Version 8.4.12022-03-222023-04-01
Version 8.3.12022-01-172023-02-01
Version 8.3.02021-07-282023-01-01
Version 8.2.12021-05-142023-01-01
Version 8.2.02020-11-262023-01-01
Version 8.1.02020-07-102022-09-01
Version 8.0.32020-06-192022-09-01
Version 8.0.22020-03-262022-09-01
Version 8.0.12020-02-242022-09-01
Version 7.5.0 and below2019-07-242022-09-01