Migration from Helium 3.X to Chartboost Mediation 4.0.0

As part of the Marketing team’s efforts to clearly articulate the use cases and customers we support by being more descriptive with our product branding, Helium is being rebranded as Chartboost Mediation.

Starting in 4.0.0, the Chartboost Mediation brand will be used in place of Helium for new additions. In the coming 4.X releases, the old Helium branding will be deprecated and the new Chartboost Mediation branding will be used to give publishers a smoother transition.

This document exists to specifically address all possible issues that developers might encounter when migrating from Helium 3.X integrations to Chartboost Mediation 4.0.0

Unity SDK Repository

The Unity SDK repository will be renamed to reflect the new branding.

npm Package & UPM

As part of Chartboost’s rebranding efforts, Chartboost Mediation 4.0.0 will be using a new npmjs package for the distribution of the Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0

To update your existing package reference, rename the existing package on your manifest.json file.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
"dependencies": {
"com.chartboost.helium": "3.3.2"

"dependencies": {
"com.chartboost.mediation": "4.0.0"

  "dependencies": {
    "com.chartboost.mediation": "4.0.0",
  "scopedRegistries": [
      "name": "NpmJS",
      "url": "https://registry.npmjs.org",
      "scopes": [

Public API Changes

Helium Name

The HeliumSDK name has been deprecated and replaced by ChartboostMediation.

Unity will produce any warnings whenever deprecated APIs are in use, and provide detailed descriptions of how to remedy such warnings for each scenario.

Here is an example scenario of how to address such issues:

    // This will produce a warning as it has been deprecated

    // New 4.0.0 API

In most scenarios, a find and replace from HeliumSDK to ChartboostMediation should be enough to fix the warnings. However, namespaces have also been modified, look at the section below for more details.


The Helium namespace has been deleted and removed from most places in the Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK. It is still available for most deprecated classes, but it is highly recommended to transition to the new Chartboost namespace. All rebranded and refactored APIs are available under the Chartboost namespace. All rebranded and refactored APIs are available under the Chartboost namespace.

The prior code would look something like this:

    using Helium;

    // This will produce a warning as it has been deprecated

The new APIs will utilize the Chartboost namespace as follows:

    using Chartboost;

    // New 4.0.0 API

Editor Classes

All Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK classes have been rebranded. Obsolete APIs are still available but it is highly recommended to transition to the new existing APIs.


The HeliumIntegrationChecker has been replaced with the ChartboostMediationIntegrationChecker, but all functionality remains the same. The HeliumIntegrationChecker API is still available.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
ReimportExistingHeliumSamples(ICollection existingSamples, string version)ReimportExistingSamplesSet(ICollection existingSamples, string version)

Runtime Classes

Most of the Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK Runtime classes have been rebranded or modified to adapt Chartboost's latest rebranding efforts. As such, most references to Helium have been removed or replaced.


The HeliumError class has been entirely removed and replaced with a simple descriptive string. See Error Codes for more information.


The HeliumBidInfo struct has been rebranded as BidInfo.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0


Delegates have been modified to adopt the latest rebranding efforts as well as API changes. The HeliumError references have been replaced with descriptive strings. Additionally, the HeliumBidEvent has merged with a new LoadEvent.

The table below identifies the changes from 3.X to 4.X.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
HeliumEvent(HeliumError error)ChartboostMediationEvent(string error)
HeliumILRDEvent(string placement, Hashtable impressionData)ChartboostMediationILRDEvent(string placement, Hashtable impressionData)
HeliumPartnerInitializationEvent(string partnerInitializationEventData)ChartboostMediationPartnerInitializationEvent(string partnerInitializationEventData)
HeliumPlacementEvent(string placement, HeliumError error)ChartboostMediationPlacementEvent(string placement, string error)
** Did not existChartboostMediationPlacementLoadEvent(string placement, string loadId, BidInfo bidInfo, string error)
HeliumRewardEvent(string placement, int reward)** Removed, and replaced with ChartboostMediationPlacementEvent
HeliumBidEvent(string placement, HeliumBidInfo bid)** Removed, and merged into ChartboostMediationPlacementLoadEvent

Although some delegates might have been removed, all functionality remains exactly the same or improved since Helium 3.X.


The HeliumSDK class has been deprecated, and it is highly recommended to transition to the new ChartboostMediation class. Although the HeliumSDK class is still available, it will be removed in future releases.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
HeliumInterstitialAd GetInterstitialAdChartboostMediationInterstitialAd GetInterstitialAd
HeliumRewardedAd GetRewardedAdChartboostMediationRewardedAd GetRewardedAd
HeliumBannerAd GetBannerAdChartboostMediationBannerAd GetBannerAd

It is important to notice that methods returning ad placements have been slightly modified. More information about this will be provided below.


The HeliumInterstitialAd class has been deprecated and replaced with ChartboostMediationInterstitialAd, to facilitate the migration process you can find and replace all references to HeliumInterstitialAd with ChartboostMediationInterstitialAd.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
bool ClearLoadedvoid ClearLoaded

Rewarded videos

The HeliumRewardedAd class has been deprecated and replaced with ChartboostMediationRewardedAd.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
bool ClearLoadedvoid ClearLoaded


The HeliumBannerAd class has been deprecated and replaced with ChartboostMediationBannerAd.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
bool ClearLoadedvoid ClearLoaded


The HeliumSettings class has been deprecated and replaced with the ChartboostMediationSettings class. To update, remove your old settings and create a new one. This will ensure the new ChartboostMediationSettings Scriptable Object is properly located.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0

Partner Adapters

The process of updating partner adapters remains the same. Use the Unity Editor menu under Chartboost Mediation/Integration/Status Check to sure your integration meets our baseline requirements for proper functionality. It will ask you to update the adapters as well. To forcefully update all adapters use theChartboost Mediation/Integration/Force Reimport Adapters.

Some adapters have been renamed due to Chartboost rebranding efforts.

Helium 3.XChartboost Mediation 4.0.0
HeliumChartboost Mediation
ChartboostChartboost Monetization
Facebook Audience NetworkMeta Audience Network
FyberDigital Turbine Exchange

Refer to Integrate Network SDKs for additional Partner Adapters information.