Integrate Network SDKs

Latest Supported SDK Versions

NetworkSupport (Android)Support (iOS)BannerInterstitialRewarded
AdColonyAndroid 4.7.0iOS ~> 4.7
AdMobAndroid 20.6.0iOS ~> 9.1
AppLovinAndroid 11.3.1iOS ~> 11.3
ChartboostAndroid 8.3.1iOS ~> 8.5
Digital TurbineAndroid 8.1.3iOS ~> 8.1
InMobiAndroid 10.0.5iOS ~> 10.0
ironSourceAndroid 7.2.1iOS ~> 7.1🚫
Meta Audience NetworkAndroid 6.8.0iOS ~> 6.9.0
MintegralAndroid 16.0.31iOS ~> 7.0
TapjoyAndroid 12.9.1iOS ~> 12.8🚫
Unity AdsAndroid 4.2.1iOS ~> 4.0
VungleAndroid 6.10.5iOS ~> 6.10
YahooAndroid 1.14.0iOS ~> 1.14

Adding Ad Network SDKs

The Mediation Unity plugin comes with Google’s Unity Jar Resolver plugin. If you want to integrate with other supported SDKs as well, add the SDK in the HeliumDependencies.xml file under HeliumSDK > Editor.


The HeliumDependencies.xml file lists dependencies for Mediation Unity plugin. The unity plugin no longer ships with the .jar and .frameworks to run. Instead, they are pulled from Maven Central and Cocoapods for easier integration.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <!-- Helium SDK Maven Repo -->
       <!-- Helium Android SDK -->
       <androidPackage spec="com.chartboost:helium:3.3.1" />
       <androidPackage spec="org.greenrobot:eventbus:3.3.1" />
       <!-- Google Play Services dependencies -->
       <androidPackage spec="">
       <androidPackage spec="">
       <androidPackage spec="">
       <androidPackage spec="">
       <androidPackage spec="androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.4.1" />
       <!-- Helium iOS SDK -->
       <iosPod name="ChartboostHelium" version="~> 3.2">

In addition to the HeliumDependencies.xml file, the Mediation Unity Plugin includes optional dependencies based on the supported Ad Networks and its adapters. They are labeled as follows:

  • Optional-HeliumAdColonyDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumAdMobDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumAppLovinDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumFacebookDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumFyberDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumInMobiDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumIronSourceDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumMintegralDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumTapjoyDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumUnityAdsDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumVungleDependencies.xml
  • Optional-HeliumYahooDependencies.xml



  • When including 3rd-Party SDKs on android, remember to update the manifest file according to the integrated SDK’s requirements.
  • If you are upgrading from previous Mediation SDK versions and want to use the Resolver to handle your dependencies, you may need to remove the existing .jar and .frameworks from your project. This will avoid any collisions that the unity-jar-resolver may find.