Initialize Mediation

Adding the Import Header

Add the following import header to the top of any class file that will be using a Mediation class:

using Chartboost;

Initializing Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK

In order to initialize the Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK, you will need your Chartboost Mediation App ID & App Signature. This can be obtained in your Chartboost Mediation Dashboard. There are two ways you can go about providing your App IDs to the SDK.

ChartboostMediation Settings & Automatic Initialization

  1. Go to Chartboost Mediation > Edit Settings
  2. Add your Chartboost Mediation App ID and Chartboost Mediation App Signature
  3. Enable Automatic Initialization on the Chartboost Mediation Settings Scriptable object

Chartboost Mediation Settings Static Accessors

ChartboostMediationSettings parameters can be modified via the available static accessors. As follows:

// IOS IDs Accessors
ChartboostMediation.IOSAppId = "SAMPLE_APP_ID_IOS";
ChartboostMediation.IOSAppSignature = "SAMPLE_APP_SIGNATURE_IOS";

// Android IDs Accessors
ChartboostMediation.AndroidAppId = "SAMPLE_APP_ID_ANDROID";
ChartboostMediation.AndroidAppSignature = "SAMPLE_APP_SIGNATURE_ANDROID";

// Logging Status Accessor
ChartboostMediation.IsLoggingEnabled = false;

// Automatic Initialization Accessor
ChartboostMediation.IsAutomaticInitializationEnabled = false;

// Partner Kill Switch Accessor
ChartboostMediation.PartnersKillSwitch = ChartboostMediationPartners.None;

// SKAdNetwork Resolution by Chartboost Mediation
ChartboostMediation.IsSkAdNetworkResolutionEnabled = false;

The Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK automatically uses such parameters to make decisions, the APIs are exposed for ease of usage.

Default Chartboost Mediation Settings



Make sure that these are the AppId and App Signature values that you obtain directly from your Chartboost Mediation Dashboard for your app as opposed to credentials from Chartboost or any other Ad Network.

Manual Initialization

If you want more control over when to initialize the Chartboost Mediation SDK, you can call the following on your Awake method.

Remember to add your Chartboost Mediation App ID and App Signature.

// New Manual Initialization after 4.1.0
ChartboostMediation.StartWithAppIdAndAppSignature(ChartboostMediationSettings.AppId, ChartboostMediationSettings.AppSignature);

// Old Style of Manual Initialization Not Using ChartboostMediationSettings Scritable Object
var appId = "";
var appSignature = "";


ChartboostMediation.StartWithAppIdAndAppSignature(appID, appSignature);

This will start the Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK. See Delegate Usage for more information.



Failing to remove default values will result in an error.

Once the Chartboost Mediation SDK has successfully started, you can start requesting ads.

Partner Kill Switch

From Chartboost Mediation 3.3.0 forward, the Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK initialization method has been expanded to take in optional initialization parameters. One of those parameters is a set of partner adapter identifiers to skip initialization for the session.

In Unity, Chartboost Mediation partners are identified through the ChartboostMediationPartners enum. ChartboostMediationPartners implements enum flags, which means flags can be raised before initialization as needed.

By default, the Partner Kill Switch can be easily modified through the ChartboostMediationSettings scriptable object. By doing so, you can only enable/disable partners before builds are compiled. However, if your game utilizes a remote config supported service such as Leanplum, Swrve, etc., you can utilize remote config variables to enable/disable partners in deployed builds.

The following example disables AdMob, Facebook, and TapJoy before ChartboostMediation initialization. As long as the ChartboostMediationSettings.PartnersKillSwitch parameter is modified before initialization, the partner networks will be skipped during the initialization process.

ChartboostMediationSettings.PartnersKillSwitch = ChartboostMediationPartners.AdMob | ChartboostMediationPartners.MetaAdudienceNetwork | ChartboostMediationPartners.TapJoy;

var appID = "SAMPLE_APP_ID";
var appSignature = "SAMPLE_APP_SIGNATURE";

ChartboostMediation.StartWithAppIdAndAppSignature(appID, appSignature);

For more information on how to corroborate partner initialization data, see Delegate Usage.