Manage Ad Groups

Add Ad Groups to your app

Creating Ad Groups

  1. Click New Ad Group +.
  2. Fill in the Name for your ad group.
  3. Select the Countries you want to be included in this ad group.
  4. Click + Add a line item to either create a new line item or choose the existing line items that match the placement type of this ad group.
    1. In order to create a new line item, choose the network and fill in the Chartboost Mediation Line Item Name, Partner Placement Name, and Flat CPM.
    2. Partner Placement
      1. AdColony: Zone ID
      2. AdMob: Ad Unit ID
      3. AppLovin: Zone ID
      4. Chartboost: Named Locations
      5. Meta Audience Network: Placement ID
      6. Tapjoy: Placement Name
      7. Vungle: Placement Reference ID
      8. ironSource: Instance ID
      9. Unity Ads: Placement ID
  5. Associate Chartboost Mediation placements with this ad group



  • If you come to this ad group creation page from a Chartboost Mediation placement, the placement is automatically linked.
  • If you are creating a new ad group, you can select an existing placement with a matching type.