Integrate Network SDKs

Latest Supported SDK Versions

AdColonyiOS ~> 4.8
AdMobiOS ~> 9.1
AppLoviniOS ~> 11.5.0
ChartboostiOS ~> 8.5
Digital TurbineiOS ~> 8.1
Google BiddingiOS ~> 9.12
InMobiiOS ~> 10.0
ironSourceiOS ~> 7.1🚫
Meta Audience NetworkiOS ~> 6.12.0
MintegraliOS ~> 7.1
TapjoyiOS ~> 12.8🚫
Unity AdsiOS ~> 4.2
VungleiOS ~> 6.12
YahooiOS ~> 1.14

Adding Ad Network SDKs

As of Mediation 2.0.0, to use other Ad Networks along with Mediation, you will need to include the Mediation Adapters as well. These can be found in the packaged Sample project or, if using Cocoapods, they can be downloaded (along with their dependent Ad Network SDKs) by adding the following to your Podfile:

# Helium Adapter for AdColony
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterAC'
# Helium Adapter for AdMob
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterAdMob'
# Helium Adapter for AppLovin
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterAppLovin'

# Helium Adapter for Digital Turbine
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterFyber'

# Helium Adapter for Google Bidding
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterGoogleBidding'
# Helium Adapter for InMobi
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterInMobi'
# Helium Adapter for ironSource
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterIronSource'
# Helium Adapter for Meta Audience Network
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterFAN'

# Helium Adapter for Mintegral
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterMintegral'
# Helium Adapter for Tapjoy
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterTJ'
# Helium Adapter for UnityAds
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterUnity'
# Helium Adapter for Vungle
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterVungle'
# Helium Adapter for Yahoo
pod 'ChartboostHeliumAdapterYahoo'


To integrate with AdColony iOS SDK, follow AdColony’s instructions for adding the AdColony SDK (AdColony SDK docs)


To integrate with AdMob iOS SDK, follow AdMob instructions for adding the AdMob SDK (AdMob SDK docs)


To integrate with AppLovin iOS SDK, follow AppLovin instructions for adding the AppLovin SDK (AppLovin SDK docs)

Digital Turbine

To integrate with Digital Turbine (formerly Fyber) iOS SDK, follow the Digital Turbine instructions for adding the Digital Turbine SDK (Digital Turbine SDK docs)


To integrate with InMobi iOS SDK, follow the InMobi instructions for adding the InMobi SDK (InMobi SDK docs)


To integrate with ironSource iOS SDK, follow the ironSource instructions for adding the ironSource SDK (ironSource SDK docs)

Meta Audience Network

Starting with Meta Audience Network 5.4.x, there are additional frameworks that their SDKs require: FBBSDKCoreKit_Basics & the AudioToolbox framework. The FBBSDKCoreKit_Basics can be found here while the AudioToolbox can be added from Xcode.



If you are integrating with CocoaPods, there’s no need to manually import the FAN SDKs as they are handled through CocoaPods.


To integrate with Mintegral iOS SDK, follow the Mintegral instructions for adding the Mintegral SDK (Mintegral SDK docs)


Link the following additional frameworks to your project to support the Tapjoy integration

  • AdSupport
  • CFNetwork
  • CoreTelephony (Can be marked Optional for compatibility with older versions of iOS)
  • ImageIO.framework
  • libc++
  • libz
  • MediaPlayer
  • MobileCoreServices
  • PassKit (Can be marked Optional for compatibility with older versions of iOS)
  • QuartzCore
  • Security
  • SystemConfiguration

If you are using a version of Tapjoy SDK older than 12.1.0 you must also include the following frameworks:

  • CoreData
  • CoreMotion
  • libsqlite3.0
  • libxml2
  • MapKit

If you are adding Tapjoy via cocoapods, there is no need to include any of the frameworks above

Unity Ads

To integrate with Unity Ads iOS SDK, follow the Unity’s instructions for adding the Unity Ads SDK (Unity Ads SDK docs)


To integrate with Vungle iOS SDK, follow Vungle instructions for adding the Vungle SDK (Vungle SDK docs)


To integrate with Yahoo iOS SDK, follow the Yahoo instructions for adding the Yahoo SDK (Yahoo SDK docs)