Get Started on iOS

Before You Begin

Minimum Supported Development Tools


Add the -ObjC Other Linker Flag

Add value -ObjC in the Other Linker Flags field under your project’s Build Settings for both Debug and Release.

Linking Additional Frameworks

Link the following frameworks to your project to support the Chartboost integration:

  • AVFoundation
  • CoreGraphics
  • Foundation
  • StoreKit
  • WebKit


To add the Mediation SDK through CocoaPods, simply add the following to your Podfile:

pod 'ChartboostMediationSDK', '4.5.0'

The packaged Mediation sample project includes a Podfile that needs the following to be executed before building and running the sample Mediation application in Xcode:

# In the directory where the Podfile exists
> pod install

Reminder: In case you have already run CocoaPods before, you may need to run pod update to be sure you’re getting the latest SDK.

> pod update