Error Codes

During an app's lifecycle, there may be situations in which the sdk or an ad may fail. In such cases, the Mediation SDK creates an error object that includes a Mediation Error Code along with a message describing the error.

The following is a list of Mediation error code names and numbers for the iOS platform.

Code NameCodeDescription
NoAdFound0The SDK did not fill the ad.
NoNetwork1No Network was detected.
NoBidReturned2No bid was received from the server.
NoBidPayload3Bid was received, but had no content.
BidPayloadNotValid4The received bid had invalid content.
OtherBidFailure5Bid returned was invalid.
ServerError6The SDK received an error from the server.
PartnerError7The SDK received an error from the partner adapter.
PartnerSDKNotLinked8The partner SDK failed to properly communicate with our SDK.
InvalidCredentials9Invalid credentials were used.
InvalidConfig10The configuration was invalid.
InternalError11An Internal SDK error occured.
PartnerSDKTimeOut12The SDK timed out the partner SDK.
AdTypeNotSupported13An unsupported ad type was used or found.
PartnerSDKNotInitialized14The partner SDK failed to initialize.
HeliumNotStarted15Mediation has not completed startup.
InvalidRewardedCallbackURL16The rewarded callback url is invalid.
Unknown99Unknown Error.