Error Codes

During an ad's lifecycle, there may be situations in which the ad may fail. In such cases, the Mediation SDK creates an error object that includes a Mediation Error Code along with a message describing the error.

Code NameCode NumberDescription
NO_AD_FOUND0The Helium SDK did not fill the ad.
NO_NETWORK1No Internet connectivity was detected.
NO_BID_RETURNED2No bid was received from the server.
NO_BID_PAYLOAD3Bid was received, but contains no content.
BID_PAYLOAD_NOT_VALID4The received bid contains invalid content.
OTHER_BID_FAILURE5Bid returned was invalid
SERVER_ERROR6The Helium SDK received an error from the server.
PARTNER_ERROR7The Helium SDK received an error from the partner adapter.
PARTNER_SDK_NOT_LINKED8The partner SDK is not integrated.
INVALID_CREDENTIALS9Invalid credentials were used.
INVALID_CONFIG10The configuration was invalid.
INTERNAL11An internal Helium SDK error occurred.
PARTNER_SDK_TIMEOUT12The Helium SDK timed out the partner SDK.
AD_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED13An unsupported ad type was used or found.
PARTNER_SDK_NOT_INITIALIZED14The partner SDK failed to initialize.
RATE_LIMITED15The load request has been rate limited.