Campaign Methods

Get Campaign Info

This endpoint provides information for a given campaign if specified, otherwise it will return all campaigns, regardless of status.



  • Some of these endpoints require your campaign ID, which can be found at the end of your campaign's URL.
  • The bid_id is provided in the response here which can be used for the endpoints below.
HTTP methodGET
Example Request{{Chartboost customer’s user ID}}&user_signature={{CB customer’s user signature}}


ParameterRequest TypeRequired?DescriptionDefault
campaign_idStringOptionalA single campaign IDAll

Response Fields

ParameterDescriptionReturned for…
app_idAdvertising app IDAdvertiser
bidsCampaign target ID(s); bid_id for endpoints belowEveryone
campaign_typedirectdeal, crosspromotionEveryone
date_createdDate campaign was created (UNIX timestamp)Everyone
date_maxCampaign end date, if set (UNIX timestamp)Everyone
date_minCampaign start date, if set (UNIX timestamp)Everyone
date_modifiedDate campaign was last modified (UNIX timestamp)Everyone
idCampaign IDEveryone
nameCampaign nameEveryone
platformios, google_play, amazonEveryone
promote_inPublishing app ID(s)Publishers
statusCurrent campaign status: active, paused, archivedEveryone